If somebody’s talking sh*t

Vine: wolftyla


Anonymous asked:

So today some boys were picking on this quiet girl ik, they kept on writing on her arms and stuff and usually I would've turned around because i didn't want them to pick on me but I didn't I stood up for her and I made them stop and it's because of you Ty you changed me for best, you made me stand for others and myself and become positive, I love u for helping me become a better person😘

souldewolftyla answered:

I don’t know why you’re on anon. You should be proud you did this. I and #WolfMovement really praise you for this act. This act was a gawdly act! Way to go anon farreal farreal. You may have saved that quiet girls life…she may have not showed up to school the next day. So good for you. We’re proud of you ++

Much lov3!